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BLACKPINK Jennie’s Agency Apology Sparks Even More Heated Reactions

BLACKPINK Jennie’s Agency Apology Sparks Even More Heated Reactions






“The image I had of her is completely shattered.”

BLACKPINK’s Jennie recently found herself at the center of controversy after being caught smoking an electronic cigarette indoors.


In one of her vlogs, fans noticed her using a dark-colored vape while getting her hair and makeup done. Although Jennie is of legal age to smoke, indoor smoking is prohibited in many countries, including South Korea and Italy, where she was at the time.

The incident drew significant criticism, particularly because Jennie was seen vaping in front of her staff. In response, Jennie issued a public apology through her agency, Odd Atelier.

jennie apology

However, the public response to her apology has been largely negative. Many netizens feel that the apology was insufficient and that Jennie’s actions reflect poorly on her as a celebrity.

  • “This is so damn annoying. Seriously… it just looks low class, just a clown.. lol.”
  • “At least there was an apology.”
  • “Please be more careful next time.”
  • “Smoking right in front of someone’s face, come on.”
  • “But honestly, it’s kind of funny. LOL. This isn’t just about smoking, it’s about the whole concept of being a celebrity? Social skills? They just seem to live in a completely different world from us regular people. It feels like we’ll never understand each other.”
  • “Regret? Yeah right… it must be embarrassing, lol. Now I know exactly what kind of person she is.”
  • “The fact that she only apologized to the staff member after it became a controversy… I’m really disappointed in Jennie because of this incident.”
  • “Wow… seeing stuff like this totally ruins it for me. I can’t view her the same way as before.”
  • “Their standards are so low.”
  • “The image I had of her is completely shattered. I’m shocked.”
  • “She apologized, and as long as she doesn’t do it again, it’s fine. Yeah.”

Despite the apology, the backlash continues, with many urging Jennie to be more mindful of her actions in the future.

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